Splacer, With $1.4M In New Funding, Is Airbnb For Event Spaces

The company, Splacer, brings together people who are looking to discover and book unique event spaces. What Airbnb does for longer-term stays in a home, Splacer does for short-term event spaces. Through the website, users can list either personal or commercial space, set prices, and other users can rent them out for different types of events.


Splacer, started in Tel Aviv by architects Lihi Gerstner and Adi Biran, announced that it has raised $1.4 million in seed funding led by Carmel Ventures.

Alongside the funding announcement, the company announced that it is also going live with a beta product in New York City, launching with 70 spaces listed.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/01/splacer-with-1-4m-in-new-funding-is-airbnb-for-event-spaces/

Splacer, With $1.4M In New Funding, Is Airbnb For Event Spaces

No Need to Call the Front Desk, Just Send a Text

It seems that nowadays personal interaction is a thing of the past. Start-up companies such as Zingle or Kipsu are offering an app that allows hotel concierge employees to connect with smartphone savvy hotel guests in a matter of minutes. Through text messages, hotel guests are able to ask simple questions such as “where is the gym?” to more personal questions like “can you get me a flight from New York to Florida?” Hotels say that this service will lead to happier customers and hopefully save them from bad reviews on powerful travel sites such as TripAdvisor or Expedia. However, if you are still craving personal interaction, there will always be the option to pick up the phone and have a voice at the other end.




No Need to Call the Front Desk, Just Send a Text