Revamping Google’s Classroom

Google’s education platform, “Classroom”, is helping teachers and students communicate. It operates in a similar space as Blackboard or Canvas, where users can organize assignments, syllabi, and curriculum. Although “Classroom” launched a year ago, the recent facelift will make the platform more competitive in the space.

Google has introduced a new API and “Share” button, creating a better user experience for teachers and students. With the new Classroom API, admins can easily populate the platform with information and sync content from their Student Information systems. Admins also have a better way of monitoring the classes taught in their domain. The “Share” button facilitates the creation and completion of assignments for students and teachers. It allows teachers to post links to sources that augment the curriculum, and students can similarly post relevant information. The recent upgrades to Google “Classroom” could change the way students and teachers interact.



Revamping Google’s Classroom

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