New Tech to Improve Air Quality


What if you knew what was in the air around you? Now you can with Awair, a wireless technology that monitors your home or office’s air quality in real-time. The device has a sleek disguisable stereo-look to fit perfectly in any room. It analyzes dustiness, CO2, humidity, temperature, and volatile organic compounds (toxins emitted from building materials, furnishings, and cooking activities) and reports the information to an App on your smartphone. The report, an Awair Score, helps you understand and improve the overall quality of the air your breathing by giving you tips and recommendations on how to achieve the best air quality for you. Awair can be connected to related products such as humidifiers, air purifiers, thermostats, filters, and fans. The app can then trigger these devices to stabilize the healthy air levels. This product enhances productivity by decreasing the chances of headaches, fatigue, and dry eyes. If you are interested then pre-order today for $149 on the company’s website

New Tech to Improve Air Quality

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