‘Jump’ Into Virtual Reality

Just coming into existence is Google’s virtual reality experience and it’s beginning to display signs of future potential. The new VR platform, JUMP, enables users to be immersed in places that would not be possible without VR. Before Google created the platform they offered users to access a simple VR viewer called Cardboard. The idea is simple, slide your smartphone behind the lens and images are converted into a 3D experience. You can fly through a Google Earth’s map or view pictures in a new perspective. Google recently announced new improvements to this inexpensive device. The improved Cardboard viewer can fit larger mobile phones, has a 3-step assembly process, and supports both Android and IOS. The mission for this technology was to make it affordable for everyone, $4-$20, so that the entire population has the opportunity to experience VR. Google is aiming for a large, mainstream audience and has already acquired 1 million users this way.


Google’s first JUMP product was introduced yesterday as the finale of their annual I/O conference. Google has teamed up with GoPro to create a world beyond imagination. The product, Array, is a super-camera equipped with 16 cameras that allow the operator to feel as if they’re present somewhere else in the world. Retailed at only $400, you can now feel as if you’re in the front row of a concert or at the pinnacle of mountain range. Google is changing the limitations of cameras by creating new technology that seamlessly adds depth to pictures. Far objects seem far away and close objects feel as if they’re in reach. Raw footage is converted to VR video. So where will people watch this? YouTube starting July 2015. Just open the YouTube application on your phone and insert into Google’s Cardboard. Handlers will soon be virtually traveling to their favorite vacation destinations to relive their previous involvement.


Seeing a place with your own eyes creates a memorable experience and a relationship, as opposed to inspecting a picture. Expeditions, another VR application, brings Cardboard technology to any classroom for educational purposes. It allows teachers to take students on field trips anywhere. Children need to explore places outside of their community to understand their presence in this world. Whether that is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or The Great Wall of China, students will appreciate the information they’re learning in school and have a greater understanding of what their teachers are talking about. Google’s unique products are going to change the way teacher’s approach learning and how people view the world. Google is just tapping into the VR realm with limitless applications. Be excited to see what Jump will rollout next.


‘Jump’ Into Virtual Reality

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