Google’s mobile devices to serve as core for all computing

This Thursday, May 28 12:30pm ET Google’s Senior Vice President of Products, Sundar Pichai, will be the keynote speaker for the annual two-day I/O conference.

Google’s Android has been struggling to compete against Apple’s dominating mobile market share so this conference will be vital to obtain potential consumers. Google will have the spotlight on Android Wear and Android Auto.

Android’s wearable technology, a watch, is taking a shot at the Apple watch. A distinctive feature is the ability to draw emoticons with your finger. This should be used to reply in situations where you can’t talk. Android’s watch also has a low power-mode that displays a minimal amount of data for less fiddling, and easy access to relevant information you need. The watch will also have a new flicking feature that allows users to quickly slide between applications. Even though this device is wearable and connected to Wi-Fi your phone needs to be present.

Google is also changing the ways cars satisfy their driver’s needs for infotainment. Android Auto provides a new in-car system that applies the UI on your Android 5 phone to the display panel in your car. Unfortunately, the rollout for this tech will only be available in the new Hyundai Sonata. The phone simply connects through the USB port of the car and displays a simplified version of the Android desktop. The purpose of this system is to increase safety by using phones less while driving. The goal is for driver’s to use Google’s voice recognition as often as possible. announced five key features: “navigation, a phone dialer, information, media and music, and a diagnostic pane that can display the vehicle’s vitals.” There will be no email alerts, only things necessary for driving. The system interface can be returned to the standard Hyundai display panel at any time, but many people found Android Auto more pleasant.

Google’s mobile devices to serve as core for all computing

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